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The new nonwoven technology provides excellent water flow into the tea leaves for rapid fusion to provide a great cup of tea in significantly less time. The products works on standard high-speed equipment at reduced temperatures for energy savings. The entire tea bag is Non-GMO and will now degrade in the landfill or compost pile, helping the environment.

DuraSquares® are designer carpet tiles made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles. The designer colors are made from pigments that are both bleach and sunlight resistant, so they can handle what your life throws their way.

NwN has developed a new concept in acoustic noise reduction from the wheel wells, especially in Sport Utility Vehicles. Raptor™ is a tri-laminate composite that incorporates an absorber layer-barrier layer-absorber layer to dramatically reduce the noise in the cabin with vehicles with large tires and aggressive treads. The product is in full production in a recently launched vehicle and has received outstanding reviews for sound and durability