Tea bag packing machine – How to choose

We love working with start-ups and small companies that are looking to invest in the best tea bag packaging machine for your business. While One Earth® does not sell tea bag packaging machines, we have great connections with many tea bag packing machine manufacturers and we have run the One Earth® material on many machine brands. When looking to purchase a tea bag packaging machine there are a few things we recommend considering while looking for a machine:

1. What size tea packing machine are you looking for? There are many sizes of machines on the market: small starter machines to high-speed ultrasonic machines that can produce 100 bags per minute.

2. How many ounces of tea, coffee, CBD, iced tea, etc. are you looking to package? Some machines have limits on the amount of tea that can be packaged so this is something you will need to decide on before purchasing a machine.

3. What shape of a tea bag are you interested in? The most popular tea bag shapes are pyramid and flat pillow bags.

4. What is your maximum cost? Tea packaging machines can be expensive so plan your maximum cost including the cost of shipping.

5. What is your time frame? Some machines are available to ship immediately but it is always a good idea to start talking with tea packaging machine companies to see their availability.

6. Would you like your tea bag to have a string and a tag? The One Earth® material is available with string and tag attached but there are options to own a machine that can attach the One Earth® string and tag to the material.
One Earth® Compostable Biodegradable Tea Bag Material

The One Earth® material has run on almost every tea bag packing machine on the market and we have built strong relationships with packing machine companies. We can discuss options, and starter machines and connect you with the best packing machine.

The One Earth® research lab has the newest Tecpacking Ultrasonic High-Speed tea packaging machine, and we are open for visitors to see the machine and test their products on the machine with the One Earth® material. Please contact us today to discuss this further.