Two essential motives have inspired the development of our teabags:
1. Manufacture a Biodegradable teabag filter media
2. Make sure that it is
taste neutral and chemical free.

About One Earth® certified coffee, tea, beverage and product filters

One Earth® food and beverage filter media is manufactured in the USA from Biodegradable fibers. One Earth® is biodegradable and compostable in 14 to 21 days. One Earth® comes varied weights, 24gsm (tea), 33gsm (coffee) and 40gsm (dusty products) and in a variety of standard widths. As tea bag manufacturers, we are committed to providing biodegradable teabags to tea producers searching for eco-friendly tea bags.

One Earth® filter media is produced in accordance with NwN’s US Patent # 8,828,895 under the strict quality guidelines of ISO 9001-2015.

Features: Provides a great cup of tea in record time. One Earth® filter media has full taste neutrality, is biodegradable and translucent. The filter media shapes easily into pyramid, round or single chamber compostable tea bags.

One Earth® seals easily with ultrasonic processes as well as most conventional thermal packaging machines using a much lower temperature. In addition, clean trim waste can be recycled back into the filtration media.

a great cup of tea in less time cup one earth Biodegradable Solution Graph

A Great Cup of Tea in Less Time

Optimized fabric breath-ability provides an immediate water contact and diffusion with the tea leaves, without any “ballooning effect.” Infusion time is optimized.


Our filter media allows for enhanced visibility of the tea and other flavored components. Filter becomes almost clear during infusion.

Biodegradable Solution Graph Biodegradable Solution Graph Biodegradable Solution Graph

Full Taste Neutrality

One Earth fabrics minimize tea flavor retention, unlike paper fabric, which absorbs and retains over five times its weight in water.

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag

eco friendly non gmo fabrics logo one earthOne Earth products are 100 % Biodegradable in landfill or compost piles. Made in the USA from a 100% annually renewable source. 100% Recyclable into itself. All scrap from beginning through tea bag manufacturing will be recycled back into fabric.

eco friendly non gmo one earth teabag recyclable

Easy to process teabags - one earth teabags

Easy to Process

One Earth fabrics work on standard high-speed packaging equipment at reduced temperatures for energy savings. Seal on most standard heat sealing machines with no modifications. Seal on ultrasonic welding machines without major adjustments.

Allergen Free

One Earth® does not use a chemical treatment during the manufacturing process. All components meet FDA requirements for Food and Beverage. One Earth® is allergy and gluten free.

Fabrics Weights and Widths

One Earth fabrics are available in various basis weights:
- 24gsm best used for tea blends
- 33gsm best used for coffee
- 40gsm best used for dusty products
- Large variety of roll widths depending on the packaging machine

Biodegradable Issue and Solution


Paper Tea bags are made or 15 to 35% of non-biodegradable residual plastics and chemical binders. Pyramid tea bags are made of Nylon fabric which is also non-biodegradable.

Paper Non-GMO Tea Bags - One Earth Non-GMO Pyramid Tea Bags - One Earth

Evolution of the Disintegration of One Earth Tea Filter Fabric

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Our Teabags are made of PLA

PLA at a Glance

The process makes use of the carbon stored in plants by photosynthesis in the form of dextrose sugar.

- The carbon and other elements in these sugars are then used to make a biopolymer through a process of fermentation and separation.

- The resulting resin, called polylactid (PLA), can then be extruded into fibers molded thermoformed into packaging.

PLA is more hydrophilic than common polyester fibers, facilitating wet-ability of the fabric.

The biopolymer can be clear, opaque, flexible, or rigid.
Much like polyester, it resists grease and oil, it provides Ultrasonic seal-ability and heat seal-ability at temperatures equivalent to polyolefin sealant resins.