Connect with a tea co packer. One Earth® can Help!

Are you in search of a tea co packer? The One Earth® material comes only on a roll and must be used with a tea bag packaging machine, but we love to work with start-ups and smaller companies that do not own a tea bag packaging machine and need a tea co packer to create the final product and there are many options. While the process of finding a co packer can be overwhelming, we are happy to help!

One Earth® tea co packer helpSome things to consider before connecting with a co packer:
• What is your time frame? Are you looking to start co packing in a week or months – many co packers are available to begin immediately but having a time frame is always helpful for all parties.

• What quantity do you require? – many co packers have minimum order quantities so have an idea of how many tea bags you will need to begin your business.

• What product are you packaging? – are you looking to package tea, coffee, iced tea, CBD, bath and beauty products.
One Earth® has strong relationships with many co packers who can support tea companies in the United States. We work with you to find the best fit based on product, location, and quantity. We will work with you through the entire process to make sure you are connected with the best co packer for your product. The One Earth® material is great for tea, iced tea, cold brew, coffee, CBD, matcha, turmeric, and bath/beauty products. We work with many co-packers who will package all of these products! Learn more about our Start-Up Co Packing services.