ISO Certification


Nonwoven Network, LLC. Has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006. Proudly, NwN was one of the first companies in USA certified to the New Standard ISO9001-2015 in the summer of 2016. ISO 9001-2008, the former standard, focused on the quality of the product and process.

ISO 9001-2015 changed the requirements significantly and focuses on the Quality of the Company. This requires complete Management Systems from the Supply chain to the Customers to ensure that there is financial, management, process stability and growth while still evaluating controls of the quality of the product.

The new standard requires continuous improvement of the management structure with a strong focus on opportunities and threats that management can use to provide solid performance for all stakeholders from Customers to Employees to Shareholders.

The standard also emphasizes programs to help our customers grow their businesses which will help us grow ours.