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One Earth® has been used by many tea and coffee companies since it was first released in 2018. Tea companies that are now expanding to CBD tea products have found that the One Earth® product line is an ideal solution.

The 24gsm One Earth® material was originally designed for tea but because of its ability to contain dust, it has been widely used with CBD products as well as countless other dusty products, especially with fine dust that can go through mesh. One Earth can withhold the oils, turmeric and dusty product used with CBD. The One Earth tea bag material has increased porosity, faster water flow, and faster brew time – all of which will result in a stronger tea, and it goes completely clear when wet so your customer can see what is in the bag. One Earth works with multiple co-packers that are CBD-friendly for customers looking to use a co-packer. The material also works very well on all ultrasonic and well-controlled heat-sealing tea packaging machines and can be made into both pyramid and flat bags.

The entire product line is non-GMO, certified compostable in 21 days or less, 100% USDA BioBased and certified plastic free. One Earth’s priority is to continue to have the most environmentally friendly product. One Earth® comes in rolls with different weights and widths. The material can be used for tea, coffee, iced tea, cold brew, CBD, and dusty products. In addition, the material can be embossed with a company name and/or logo. One Earth® is manufactured in the USA from Biodegradable fibers, and FDA compliant. / @OneEarthTea
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OneEarth® Patents:
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Edited on 10/20/2019