Newly Patented Biodegradable & Compostable Tea Bag and Coffee Filter

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A newly discovered filter media tea bag that is the most environmentally friendly material available just hit the market for tea and coffee drinkers. One Earth® is a newly patented tea bag that is completely biodegradable and compostable in 14 to 21 days.

The One Earth® Tea Bag was certified biodegradable and compostable on May 17, 2018 by OWS – Ghent, Belgium.  Meets EN 13432 and EN 16785. Currently pending Plastic Free Certification.

One Earth® is an all-natural filter media, providing the most natural tea drinking experience possible. One Earth’s inventor and President, Stephen Foss, created this product for the loose-leaf tea drinker. His priority is for tea drinkers to have the convenience of drinking tea from a bag without the concern of contaminates. Foss stated, “Our tea bag provides a great cup of tea in record time with full taste neutrality and goes completely clear when wet, which enhances the appearance of tea.” One Earth® comes in rolls with different weights and widths. This material can be used for tea, coffee and dusty products. Another great addition is that the material can be embossed with a company name and/or logo. One Earth also offers certified compostable string, tag and wrapper. The wrapper is 99% impermeable, unlike foil or plastic films, and can be heat sealed or ultrasonic sealed. One Earth® is manufactured in the USA from Biodegradable fibers, and FDA compliant.

Contact One Earth® at or by contacting their Managing Director,

Erin Heryford / / 412.667.0085 / / @OneEarthTea

OneEarth® Patents:

US: 8,828,895 and 9,988,205, Canada: 2,846,720 and 2,922,928, Europe: EP3015582 and EP2608957, UK:

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Edited on 10/20/2019