Nonwoven Network, LLC/One Earth® welcomes newest ultrasonic tea packaging machine

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Nonwoven Network, LLC set out to revolutionize the tea bag market by creating an environmentally friendly filter standard. This line of products, called One Earth®, offers environmentally friendly tea and coffee bag material, as well as the accompanying tags, string, and envelopes/pouches.

Nonwoven Network, LLC, which has headquarters in Naples, FL, will welcome the newest Tecpacking Ultrasonic Tea Bag Machine TP-P100. This machine is the newest ultrasonic machine on the market and will package 100 bags per minute and is 80% more efficient than any other machine on the market. The machine will be capable of running widths from 120mm to 220mm and can make pyramid as well as flat (center or side seam).

Nonwoven Network, LLC will be running the One Earth® filter tea and coffee bag material on the TP-P100 machine for samples and product trials. While One Earth® is not a co-packer, they do welcome any new or existing customers to visit their Naples, FL location to see the One Earth® material run on this newest ultrasonic tea packaging machine.

The One Earth® material is available in a range of weights and works well on any ultrasonic tea packaging machine and well controlled heat seal machines. The material is certified compostable in 21 days or less, USDA 100% Biobased, non-GMO, plastic free, and manufactured in the United States. It is patented under multiple patents in US and International.

For additional information and to schedule a tour of our facilities in Naples, FL., please email: or +1(412)667.0085.

1OneEarth® Patents:

US: 8,828,895 and 9,988,205, Canada: 2,846,720 and 2,922,928, Europe: EP3015582 and EP2608957, UK: EP3015582 and EP 2608957, Germany: EP2068957, China: ZL1180040569.5, Italy: EP2608957, Netherlands: EP2608957, Mexico: 339,113, Australia: 2016204391