One Earth Filter Material Embossing


One Earth® Logo

One Earth®, a compostable filter material, has a unique feature that is not offered with any other filter materials on the market. The One Earth® filter material can be embossed with your company logo or name. When the One Earth filter material went to market, we saw a need to not have the waste of string and tag but understood that some of our customers would still like branding on the tea bag. So, Nonwoven Network® installed a state-of-the-art embossing machine to emboss any logo or name directly onto the One Earth material. This embossing machine uses ultrasonics so there are no dyes, glue, or additives.


The ability to emboss is especially great for cold brew filter bags, iced tea filter bags, and large filter bags where a string and tag may not be used.


We also offer the material embossed with the One Earth® logo. Many companies choose this option so the customer will know that the filter material is: compostable in 21 days or less, non-GMO, USDA 100% Biobased and plastic free.


One Earth® Biodegradable Compostable Tea Bag with Loose Black Tea in a Serving DishFor additional information or to inquire about One Earth® embossing please contact:,, or +1(412)667.0085